Mallett Vases for Sale

I'm posting these mallet vases from the last firing with The Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers of Cassius Clay. It is probably the best depth of shino I've had. The pots are all of a good functional size for flowers or just to serve as a visual function. 
As an introduction to the pots. I came home from 3 months in the US and I felt rather tired and started making work that was safe and I can do in my sleep- casseroles, bowls, etc. I thought this is not what being away at Starworks was about. It was about making what I want to make not what I need to make. I'm pretty happy with the freedom of expression in the clay with these pots. The shino shows an incredible depth of surface.
They are all for sale at $200 Cdn. The summer flowers in your garden would complete them.
 A.Gold shino very lustrous(SOLD)

B. Helmer kaolin clay ash crystals.

C. Helmer kaolin clay walking feet, lots of ash

D. Gold shino(SOLD)

 E. Nice dancing foot. Helmer clay(SOLD)

 F. Blue crack

 G. Larger mallet green ash

 H. Bigger mallet big ash

I. Bigger mallet ash crystals. (Sold)


Anonymous said…
When are you going to open your school for wayward ceramic students?

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