Teach by example

 Having been on the workshop circuit for the best part of the last ten years I have my ears on the train tracks for fellow presenters that work hard and deliver.
Heather Smit is at the studio tonight busting it out. We all went out to the local Thai restaurant for a delicious meal.  The owner didn't understand Wade or Pam from Georgia, nor Juliet from South Africa, Sharon from London or Heather. I was totally understandable using seen, gunna, fer, yous guys and gimme.  Heather and students headed back to the studio to nurse a couple bottles of wine and make art. These week long courses are a chance to live, eat, drink and breathe pot making. We all know that you get out of something what ya put into it so many of the participants will leave here tired and full to the brim with ideas of how to use all that Heather has thrown at them in their own unique and creative ways.
There is no replacing the importance of good teachers. In my opinion teaching is the most important job in the world. Good teachers make work. They don't just talk about making work- they make work. They set the bar.
What I am enjoying about Heather's dialogue is how much work she produces.
Red or white?


Anonymous said…
Saw Heather Smit's work in a gallery window, was blown away,
such great artists and craftspersons, have to get myself out to a Pinecroft workshop.

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