Canada's Halo

What I see going on in the US with taking children from their parents is heart wrenching.  We in Canada cannot gloat as we have not had a glowing halo for all that many years and it seems to be slipping at a alarming rate.
Canada closed it's last residential school in 1996. Residential schools were set up to teach the First Nations people Christianity. The children were taken from their parents and sent hundreds if not thousands of miles away to be taught the ways of the White Man by nuns and priests.
I bought my grand daughter Julia "The Secret Path" written by front man of The Tragically Hip's Gord Downie may he rest in peace. It is the story of Chani Wenjack a young First Nations boy that escaped the residential school and tried to walk back to his parents home hundreds of miles away in the dead of winter. He died of exposure trying to get home. I urge all of you that buy your kids  books(no matter how old)  The illustrations and story are superb. Of course the nuns called him Charlie as Chani is not a White Man's name.
What would you do if the authorities showed up and took your children? I'm ashamed to admit what I'd do. Anyone have a rocket launcher?
Raise your voices my friends!


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