It's lovely dear, but..........

How many times have I had an older couple admire my work and say "It's lovely dear, but .......... I have no room! That never stopped my Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Cavvy from collecting art they loved. We all laughed because they had no room on the shelves or walls so they started buying paintings and carvings and putting them on the floor leaning against chairs and the chesterfield. They claimed they could sit and enjoy the art work so much better on the floor.
I bought this vase from David Stuempfle of NC this winter and I just have no room on any of my shelves for it so I put it on the floor. Where else? To be honest I have been enjoying looking at it when I sit on the couch having a before dinner cocktail.
So I am slip casting my interpretation of David's vase or as I call it the Song Dynasty meets America vase. Since my slip cast vases sometimes went over like bowling pins in the wood kiln I have added an island for them to perch on. These islands have Alabama black sand, and NC rocks wedged into the porcelain.
So sometimes the first casting ain't perfect so it then becomes "ART". I got over anxious and pulled it from the mould to fast. Now to try to do that again! I don't know how I went down this street when I have bird houses to keep up with.
David called me an "Art potter" one night around our kitchen table in NC. I was flabbergasted! Dan Finnegan and David Stuempfle thought it crazy I didn't realize it. I'm still flabbergasted but learning to love it more and more. Ware boards of similar objects seem so far away from where I am now.
Well this cuckoo has some bird houses to build and maybe I can get one more casting done of the Song vase. See how my mind works- bird houses = Song vases.


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