Paint like a mother fucker

Write like a mother fucker.
Engineer like a mother fucker.
Mother like a mother fucker.
Teach like a mother fucker.
Doctor like a mother fucker.
And my favourite of all: Do everything like a mother fucker.  Tiny Beautiful Things- Cheryl Strayed.
Red Vase awaiting black lines

thinking of hand building- awaits lines.

From chaos comes beauty.

It's Friday night and I'm taking a rest from ranting out about Doug Ford, Donald Tweet and politics in general. I work on a slow boil so about Monday as the election gets closer I'll be all fired up again.
I got out my painting supplies. I felt like listening to music, sipping a Mexican tequila( I'm boycotting bourbon because of the slap in the face from tweet on his best ally and trading partner.)
It's been 5 years since I touched the paints. Grass had done a workshop at Sheridan and I think he knew it was his last so he gave me his quiver of brushes. I told him if I wanted to kill a pot put a brush in my hand. The brushes sat there until I was divorcing and sitting in a sold house with no studio to use. I wrote my book and started drawing pots since I couldn't make them.
So with the thoughts of being laid up by my hand I've been thinking about painting. Gen no e introduced me to a crackle paint so tonight I'm laying down watercolour and crackle in anticipation of picking up the brush tomorrow night for Saturday Night Blues on CBC. I thought oh I should just try one tonight and then I thought no paint like a motherfucker. Put yourself in the way of beauty- Yep that's another Cheryl Strayed quote. She is one woman I'd like to buy a tequila and hang out with. She does have a mouth on her.
PS: Katy Bryant of Atlanta has been a pest, no a encouragement to get back to paints. Thank you Katy Belle.


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