The Maturing of a Wood Kiln

It's Saturday night andI just might miss listening to the Blues tonight. I'm feeling rather knackered. I hosted Heather Smit and Jen Allen week long workshops as well as firing Cassius Clay the weekend in between. It was a scaled down version of the Cactus Lounge Flame Throwers but they are all seasoned professionals by now. We have probably fired 20 times together. I've lost count!
Every one on the team had some awesome pots and I'm just going to show you two each. Their cars were loaded to the roof with nice pots. Beautiful clean surfaces fired hot and crash cooled for 40 minutes. Let's have the pots do the talking.
Chris de Takesy- large bowl
 Chris de Takesy pink vase

Cassara Kennedy - great spout cut and altered
Cassara Kennedy- cut and altered

Jen Drysdale- Jen actually glazes.
Jen Drysdale- Ewer and saucer

Gen no e Patchell -aggreesive faceting

Gen no e Patchell- figure of her loading the kiln.

Teresa Dunlop- rock sculpture dark stoneware

Teresa Dunlop- Rock Sculpture- Helmer body

Moi- handle with mallet vase attached.

Mallet vase- shino bleached out by excessive ash.

Some wee swirl cups I made for Takuro and Hitomi Shibata so they can handle their sake. 
Cassius Clay is delivering some awesome surfaces at this point. The crew is learning the ways of firing the kiln and I think the bricks are now nicely impregnated with ash. I too have matured. I no longer like huge ash deposits. I also don't like how the heavy ashing washes out the glazes. Just like there is a right weight for a pot not too heavy and not too light I think the same for the ashing of the  pots I enjoy from our wood kiln.


smartcat said…
That’s a WOWZA firing, Tony. I would love to be able to pick these up and give them a good fondle.
Anonymous said…
I wish you had been my teacher!
Anonymous said…
Would have loved to have had a teacher like you too!
Anonymous said…
Wowed by the work, what an amazing clay club!

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