Final Show - On Centre

If your hands are bleeding after a week of throwing it is not because the clay is too coarse or the wheel head is not smooth. It is simply because you don't know the technique of how to centre with ease.
We started in January with bleeding hands from throwing. Handles that looked like mauled sausages.
The show is over and I'm very proud of the final results. The students worked  7 days a week, 12 hours a day and lived together talking, eating and drinking pots each night. There is no more blood and the handles look pretty awesome.
By the time they cleaned up the studio and got home for supper at 8pm I had a video or images waiting for them to look at. They were exposed to more pots and potters than most people look at in a career.
So now it's up to them. No more what I do about this, what you think of this, how can I manage that there! It's now what most of us potters face on a daily basis. We're alone with our thoughts, and alone with our pots.
If I leave them with any words of wisdom it is this "be grateful". Be grateful for the small things in this life, be grateful for our time together, be grateful for our friendships, be grateful we have such an amazing passion for our work.
Kieu Tran- USA
Andrew Zanette- Australia 

Jacob Butler- USA
Sunaina Arha- India
Bernadette Anderson- USA

Vanessa Welch- Italy (missing for funeral in USA)

Susie McIntosh- Australia

Jens Thomsen- Denmark
Franco Rampi- my partner in crime Italy


Anonymous said…
Is this the same venue as last year's show that Chandra Rice complained was a disappointing hole in the ground?

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