How lucky are they?

We visited the cave/cellar/gallery that their fist show will be held.  Their show will be in Castello's Jazz Bar in a beautiful cellar below Castello di Certaldo Alto. Certaldo Alto is a very old Medieval town perched on the top of a high place hence the word Alto.  If I had to guess it sounds like Castle on a high place. Wow, how I wish mine had been there. I think mine was in a friends living room where I supplied the wine and cheese and they invited their friends and they got 20% of the sales.
The "On Centre" group will have this fabulous cavern and our student Jacob Butler will be on the Grande Piano for the opening.
The work is mostly made and now to fire it and make it look awesome. I feel my mark on the work in general. I hope it is a branch on the tree I planted.
This is what happens after too much Grappa!

Spring has sprung!

Grande piano for our opening of "On Centre!"

The ceiling of the gallery.


Anonymous said…
Everyone always remembers their first time, whether good or bad.
Have a great exhibition!

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