The End of the Suffering

I am not a dessert person. I rarely eat dessert. I don't have a sweet tooth. The past 3 months here at La Meridiana I have eaten dessert 3 times a day. It is irresistible. I hope the weight scale is kind to me when I get home. Back to the Keto diet for me. I'll be off to Springwater Packers to see Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy to pick up some steaks and bacon. I've actually missed my own cooking.  Oh and what a thrill it will be to drive my car again. How I've missed the ability to just go somewhere.
 Tomorrow morning I leave here after 3 gruelling months of 24/7clay teaching.
I feel tired but proud of the work I did here. Lives changed throughout this adventure. Mine did too! It was really a journey of self discovery.
I'm going to spend tomorrow in Florence. Still never found those sexy Italian glass frames I'm wanting so maybe tomorrow will be the day. I hop on a jet plane on Sunday morning so I hope Jack cleaned up after all the wild parties he surely had. It is going to feel good to sit and stare at the walls of my familiar surroundings, sleep in my own bed and listen to the news. I feel like I lived in a time bubble and have no idea what has been going on world wide.


Anonymous said…

The perfect bacon bowl is waiting for you.
Tony Clennell said…
Oh my gawd I love those bacon bowls. Gotta have one. T

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