I scored in Italy

I came here thinking I wanted a pair of eye glasses frames that made an artistic statement. I looked and looked but nothing did it for me. I scored in Florence.

I spent the day in Florence with Jacob Butler from Nantucket roaming the streets, stopping for beers and bumps until we found a glasses shop where the dude was on my page.
Here is my new look- yellow and orange. I love these frames and am anxious to take them home to Aylmer to have them fitted with my prescription lenses. Glasses ought to be an artistic statement. I think I found mine. Jacob kept putting on black frames- how boring. I still need to do some work on this student.


John Bauman said…
"In Italy" is where you found eyeglasses.

"In Knittaly" sounds exactly the same, but it's where you buy sweaters.
Anonymous said…
Fabulous glasses for a fabulous clay maker Icon.

Now we just have to work on your wardrobe, since you aren't into basic black ...
we'll work on it.
Anonymous said…
May I suggest a trip to Fabricland and then off to Don Cherry's tailor?

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