Italian Water Torture

Not all learning takes place in the studio. A lot of it happens after hours in a torture chamber somewhere.  The Chinese use water as an instrument of torture. The Italians use vino rosso. We went to a favourite little bar in Certaldo Alto. The place seats probably 15 people and we make up 11. It's a lot like prison since you get what the cook prepares for you. Last night we started the torture with vino rosso, two different bowls of soup, bread, a selection of cheeses with onion jelly and honey, bruschetta with tomato, olives anchovies,  then came the meat tray, more vino rosso and all chased down with a Grappa and some almond and chocolate cookies to be dipped in your Grappa. All this for 20 Euros each.
There on the wall was a reminder from home- a license plate from Nova Scotia.  We are in week 9 now and the count down begins. We prepare for the 2 chamber wood kiln next week so I'll start to not  sleep too well. It is part of my DNA to get up tight about the firing. 8 people that have never wood fired before putting their hard earned treasures in the unknown abyss.
We've had 4 birthday parties since the course started and each one has been celebrated. Some life long friendships will have been made.
The Warden and the inmates. Andrew is hidden- too bad he spent hours on his hair.

Nova Scotia is not noted for it's wine! Friendship and seafood, yes!


smartcat said…
Carry on! You will make it through this difficult time! 🤭
For a bit of contrast it was 8F. here at 6:00AM

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