Super Mario

We visited Mario Mariani my brother from a different mother. When two working people get together there is a mutual respect that goes beyond words. I had a wonderful time visiting this man that moved mountains  of clay in his life. He digs the clay from the hillside behind his pottery, he puts it thru a hammer mill and a conveyer dumps the clay on his studio floor where he mixes it in a mixer and  makes beautiful gigantic perfectly symmetrical pots by walking around a large pail backwards. Two of the gems from his mouth were 1: I have spent my entire life walking more backwards than forwards and 2. I have spent a lifetime married to clay. With a cigar in his mouth, a glass of wine in his hand he was so enthusiastic about explaining the process the wine was flying thru the air onto the ground and his pants all along almost dancing with gesture. The sparkle in his eye reminded me of my Uncle Jimmie and Mr. Jin in China.
This was like witnessing the end of an era. No human being that I know could possibly work like Mario does. He runs the entire factory on his own and twice a year has a friend come to help fire his massive bottle kiln. He is the Italian equivalent of Isaac Button but BIGWARE has been his specialty.
I would love for NCECA to bring together Mr. Jin from China and Mario from Italy for a presentation. Can you imagine the mutual respect these two dudes would have for one another. Both walking backwards, both smiling and both super human. They both have made roof tiles to keep the wolf away from the door.
The top story of his wood fired bottle kiln


floor tiles drying


White wine, cigars, silica and wood ash ingredients for a long life

A small planter Mario made at age 21


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