On Centre

I've been posting a lot of the suffering I've been doing in Tuscany for the sake of Art. I've shown the beautiful country side, the food, the wine, and all the other hardships I have had to endure over the past 3 months.
This morning I am really suffering. We set up the show last night and had a negroni on the balcony of this beautiful hotel where the show will be in Certaldo Alto.
Jens, Jacob and I decided we needed some celebration and final closure so we got dropped off at an Irish pub in Certaldo that serves draught IPA complete with cheese bacon burgers and fries.
I told the students early in January that I believe a lot of learning happens outside the classroom around a table and it often entails libation of some sort.
Last night I learned that this On Centre course has been much more than learning how to centre clay. It has been about finding your own personal centre. Living and working this closely for 11 weeks has been not only a clay journey but a personal journey. A journey into who you are and who you would like to be. This 3 months has been life changing.
I thought I would impact their clay. I was worried that perhaps they would all make pots like mine. This to my relief didn't happen. The pots and the people are all very different. I will take pics tonight at the show.
I have often said that I think my workshops are more about "why" and sprinkled in with measures of "how to" but "why" is always present.
On our guys night out we went from the Irish pub to an outdoor bar for a night cap. I woke up this morning with a red leather bracelet on. Jacob and Jens bought it for me from an African guy that was hawking his wares at the bar.
I'm feeling really tired but really satisfied as well. I came here to teach and will leave having learned a lot about me.


Anonymous said…
Maybe all the Potter's Guilds in Ontario will unite and build a studio for the membership in Tuscany, let's bring it up at the next meeting?

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