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Bread sustains life, but beauty gives it meaning. So if you have two pennies in your pocket, buy one loaf of bread and one flower. My potter Uncle Jimmie used to always quote this. Bread is food for your body and the flower food for your soul.
Thinking a lot about fellow artists during this virus thing. We as potters don't make one single thing that people need.  When there is a scare going on like this one we more than ever become a individualistic society and not a collective society.  I'm alright Jack, bugger you! That ain't the mantra of the pottery community. We are sharing and caring people.
Your friends, neighbours, restaurants you love, theatres, museums will need that other penny if ya have it. Maybe that penny goes to buying a restaurant gift certificate, donating to your favourite theatre or arts centre.
I have potter friends that depend on the craft fair circuit for most if not all of their income. I'm a guy that travels around and does gigs. My dance card is full into the fall- I think!!! Doing gigs(workshops) is where I sell almost all of my work and make a sizeable portion of my annual income.  Main Street will need help thru all of this.
So my hope is that we flatten this curve and our countries will be able to handle this. We have survived World Wars where millions of lives were lost. We will survive this and maybe be better people as a result. Care for one another brothers and sisters.
Here a few of my refires from the Ratagama. Apologies for the bad photography. Need my photo setup back at The Cactus Lounge.


Anonymous said…
Is that first pot a toilet paper holder?
I need somewhere to put all that toilet paper I'm hoarding.
Anonymous said…
So, make a pledge, post your work with the #artistsupportpledge

Please repost this and make a pledge.

#artistsupportpledge ..........................................................
This brilliant concept was instigated yesterday by an artist based in East Sussex called Matthew Burrows…
Anonymous said…
Artist Support Pledge
A culture of generosity for artists founded by Matthew Burrows

Anonymous said…
Social distancing?
Are your pottery wheels 2 metres apart?

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