Ridin' out the storm

There is a silent storm going on in my Town and all over the nation. My road which is usually a pretty active road is almost without a car. Out on my lawn raking today any car that did seldom go by the driver waved at me. People are slowing down.
These days I'm finding I need less and less of more and more. I don't need to go our for this or for that.  There is nothing worth standing in line for even if I could go out. I thought maybe I could go over to the wood pile and split wood but I can't. I have to set an example of self isolation for 14 days.
Neighbours yelled over welcoming me home. Brenda delivered staples, Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy some meat, Chad brought lemons and limes, Herm brought more steaks. The benefit of having family is becoming more and more clear to me and to everyone.
While raking I posed this question? What have I learned about myself? I think a more important question for the collective "we" to answer is "what have we learned???"
The Universe has been warning us for some time we are going to fast and burning ourselves and our planet up. She has just given us final notice.
In my town there are lots of lessons to be learned from the Amish. They don't eat Kiwi's, oranges and bananas in the winter months in Canada. Do you really need food delivered from 15,000 kilometres away?  They are eating the apples, root vegetables and preserves in their root cellar. More than ever before the 100 mile diet makes sense. Eat what is available to you within a 100 miles of your home.
A gift from friend and former student Amber Zuber- my reading for  tonight!

Be safe and stay healthy, my brothers and sisters of clay. I love y'all. Let's ride out this storm together.. T


Anonymous said…
Hashtags #quarantineartclub




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claylady said…
Hi Tony, just wanted to send my thanks for an amazing class. Am still digesting all the wonders you gave us. Glad all arrived home safe and sound. Could you please send me the list of people in class and contact numbers and/or email? for some reason I didn't receive the list.
Linda S.
Anonymous said…
send this message to Chinese and world officials

live wild animals are still being slaughtered and sold at wet markets.


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