I just returned from Starworks in Star, NC conducting the dream class I always wanted to present . A group of 8 people eating, sleeping, making and drinking pots every day for a month was my dream. I  didn't count on a pandemic coming along and souring the whole thing.
The Last Supper.
Big pot crew- photo by Jenny Rushforth
We were kinda self isolated in the studio. All live in the same quarters, we wash, we don't go out other than groceries, we sanitized and most of the time our hands were covered with clay. I was seeing progress- AMAZING progress.

We had a week to go and news around the world was hard to keep out of the studio. People that lived across borders were getting the jitters. Well to be honest everyone was a bit off their game.
We started with a welcome dinner of 28, went to a potluck at The Star Hotel  of lucky 13 down to  a farewell dinner at Jennie's of 9.  They were all laughing and loud like the first week of class. I think some of it was relief and some of it was just love of what we had pulled off together. Life long friendships were made.
 I have always believed that the Captain should go down with the ship. I didn't want to be Francesco Schettino of the Costa Concordia disaster. Once I knew all could get off the ship it was time to make a bee line home. John of Australia was our biggest worry and I'm hoping him safe travels today. Sometimes the Captain has to make the call to abandon the ship.
My dream was small compared to that of Nancy Gottovi Director of Starworks. She has a much bigger ship and a much bigger crew. But like me she selected a fine crew and they will rise again.
A big thank you to the Starworks Team for all the support they gave us.
My crew is already planning a reunion at Starworks. Be well my brothers and sisters. It was my pleasure to sail along with you. Love, Tony
Star group dinner

I am in self isolation for 2 weeks. More on that later. I feel like our ship sailed to a foreign land. A land I'm not familiar  with.  I feel like Tom Hanks stranded on an island. I just ordered a ball from Amazon that I will name Wilson.


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