The Future

The key to the future of the world is finding the optimistic stories and letting them be known.- Pete Seeger.
I am in self isolation for the duration of 14 days. I've already put up with myself for 8 days now. To be honest it ain't too much different than most of my life except I'm having groceries delivered and I can't ride my bike and go for a nature bath.
From what I'm hearing the people of Canada are stepping up and showing random acts of kindness. Helping neighbours, helping the homeless and doing all kinds of acts of braveness. This is news! This is good news! This is what Pete Seeger labeled a commie in his time was talking about. Caring for others.
I got this little note from Katy Bryant one of the students on my Intensive Course at Starworks. It really resonated with me. I am home and my cousin is delivering groceries, Uncle Donny and Aunt Nancy meat and a wee nip, Sarah, Brenda's daughter has brought me 6 of my favourite beers.
 Note from Katy Bryant-  My mom would talk about the garden and how nature is basis of our personal map on this earth.  Our life is our garden nurture, to maintain ... full of annuals, perennials and a few nasty weeds.   Longer we live in this life the more we appreciate the consistency, loyalty, and love of the can count on them to come back to greet you, more beautiful than ever each season.  Friends are like that ..... appreciate the perennials more and more, plant a few annuals for variety along the way and recognize a weed when you see it...weed your garden. 
Ya I know- no handle

Tomorrow's project throw a foot and attach a cup.

Thank you for the laughs, sharing your talents and wisdom.   You are a perennial TC - Katy Bryant.

So gang let's not point fingers at what he or she didn't do. Let's talk about the good in people and the beauty that surrounds us. Fortitude unum sums- courage together. 


Anonymous said…
Stop Pandemics at the Source

put an absolute and permanent stop to their wet markets.

Anonymous said…
Close down Chinese Wet Markets of exotic animals

It is incredibly important to make such markets and consumption of exotic animals illegal.
Anonymous said…
Send out prayers and love bombs to the weeds in your life.

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