The Wild life of NC

I've had a very busy week with the starting of my One Month Intensive Course here at Starworks. I had a wonderful kick off welcome dinner, anI impromptu demo by journeyman Jared Zehmer and a full day of production throwing techniques by Chad Brown followed by the weekends North Carolina Potters Conference.
North Carolinians are critter crazy. Lucky for me I had 4 of my favourite critters presenting this weekend. Up on stage were Bede Clark, Lisa Naples and Dan Finnegan. Talk about contrast. On one end was Dan filling the table with his recognizable chattered domestic ware- jugs, mugs, bowls, bud vases, etc.  Then one of his little Martin Brothers birds flew in.
Dan Finnegan- bird vase

Lisa Naples was the rose between two thorns and she assembled a wonderful rabbit jug/vase. Loved the hollow slab handle.  The patience of working on one piece for an entire weekend is not in my DNA. Beautiful critters.
Rabbit- Lisa Naples

On the other end of the stage was Bede Clark who poked, prodded and added bits of clay. I loved to see the freedom in his work. Like Ron Meyers,  Bede made me feel tight. 
Rabbit- Bede Clark

So with all this travelling that I do I figure I needed man's best friend- a dog.
This is my kind of dog- no walks, no food, no vet bills, no barking, no plastic bags to carry in the park, no surprises on the floor.
I wonder if I'll have to declare the dog when I cross the border in less than a month. The dandelions are out here now. Wonder when I'll see my first one back in The Promised Land.
Here's my dog named Bob the Dog. I named him after Robert Bede Clark. 

Bob the Dog- Bede Clark

Then if this wasn't enough of a drain on my brain we had one of NC favourites Ron Philbeck presenting on marketing your pots through social media. Ron made me feel like I need to either get my act together or hire an administrator. I think I  may be too much of a stumblebum to get my act together. 
Bird house- Ron Philbeck


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