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What else can we do at this time but do what we love to do- make art. I have rooms to be painted, an eavestrough that could use my attention, taxes to finalize, organization of the mess I call an office. I don't want to do it. I want to make art. There is nothing more depressing for me than taxes, organization and cleaning up messes so I'm simply not going to do it. I now have a legitimate excuse- this Gawd forsaken virus.
 I am going to do what makes my mind centred. I'm living in the moment of "Now". I don't know what tomorrow brings. I don't know if anyone will ever ever want to buy a piece of this crazy nonsense pottery I make. Tomorrow is another day. Today I have this beautiful Starworks clay, a comfy little home and studio, food in the fridge and I'm surrounded by art, books and friends I can call on. I sure am missing a wine cellar and a stocked bar.
I often admit half way thru a workshop that I don't really like throwing. To me it is just the making of a canvas that tomorrow I get to poke, prod and torture. I made these bowls today for further treatment tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a good day for me in the studio.
Had a little trial run with some  Starworks Dark Star/Porcelain 50/50 mix that Assistant Director of Starworks Ceramics Matt Levy gave me as a parting gift. Thanks Matt you are an amazing asset to the Ceramics at Starworks. Mostly I am using the Starworks New Seagrove that throws like a dream. I wedge silica sand into it to give it a bit more nasty..
I never meant it to be a leaf but it is!

Thanks Matt for the brownies

Tomorrow lugs and more torture.


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