Brothers and Sisters

I have been blessed with a creative life hanging with some of the best and nurturing some of the futures best. I've been talking to some of my artist friends and they're not feeling up to making Art.  They figure after this who is going to buy our work.  Fair enough but I figure I've been given some time so I'm going to work. I'm allowing myself a day of rest and  catch up from an incredible Intensive Course at Starworks, a day of garden work and then I got to make art. I may start with some sketches, some crazy thoughts to share with y'all and then I got some Starworks Catawaba Wild clay calling out to me. There are those that want to make Art and there are those of us that have to make work.  If we stop making our work we might as well die. It is what defines us. It is what gives our life purpose. It's what makes us jump out of bed in the morning.
So y'all go lay down on the couch and watch Netflix. Me, I'm going to work.
Art supplies bought in Asheville-

Nights will have me fixing up that spare room of mine with tasteful art I've been storing.  I'll have the tunes turned up. I might even smoke a bomb. Hey, I'm in Canada. I hate painting rooms but what else have I got to do? When I'm finished with that I haven't washed my outside windows since I bought the place 6 years ago.  All a potter needs is time and suddenly I got lots.
My 2020 Planner that was a full dance card is pretty well out the window.
My once full Day Planner.

Fogo Island Inn-Newfoundland
My dream gig of 3 weeks on Fogo Island, Newfoundland this August is toast. I expect the rest of the good gigs are gone too. I overheard my Dad say to his neighbour Jim Whitehead some 50 years ago " My son Tony could land in a bucket of shit and come out wearing a pin striped suit!" Hold my hand Dad,  I'm heading for the tailor's.
So Brothers and Sisters- CREATE! Make Art, make fanfuckingtastic art!!! Go down in your souls and reach in and bring it on! We can always exchange with one another. Seems exchanging money is all we potters ever did anyway.  Stay safe and healthy.  Love y'all. T

This is what ya do when ya can't sleep.


Anonymous said…
Character defines us, y'all.

Anonymous said…

#artistsupportpledge @artistsupportpledge
Anonymous said…
I've reclaimed 100 lbs of clay so far. Go me!

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