Will work for food

Here's how tuff I have it working at Pinecroft. After a long day of throwing pots, glazing and loading kilns they make me go fishing for my supper. The scary looking guy with the shades and the Hell's Angels look is my cousin Brenda's son Chad. He is the skipper of the boat and all round handy man at sea. We went out on Lake Erie to fish for perch. We caught over 100 between Brenda, Chad and I but kept 37 for our feast. Man there ain't nuthin' like Lake Erie perch deep fried with Herm's killer potato salad. You can have your Pacific salmon. Me I like perch or pickerel (walleye south of 49). Hey doesn't that pic of me look like Canada's Jack Nicholson? If I only I had a fraction of his doe rae me.


Anonymous said…
That looks like so much fun even I had to comment....lj
Anonymous said…
ps--u do kinda look like Jack
Ron said…
Looking good! Sounds like a nice haul.

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