A Good Landing

I'm headed home from a great couple of days with the faculty and students at West Virginia University. What faculties spend breakfast, lunch and supper with their students on a Friday? Shoji had the grad students meet for a breakfast class to discuss web design. The students took me out to lunch for some great wings and a beer. Then Shoji and Boomer and many of the students went out for wood fired pizza after my workshop. Lucky students to have such dedicated faculty. Andrew and I had a beer and a bump in his student dive to end the day. It has been said you can judge a Ceramics program by the quality of the pot luck. I think it can also be translated into those that work together, play together.  I drove out of the mountains this morning knowing Andrew has landed in a good place. He has a hellava work ethic and he will grow and bloom in the mountains of West Virginia. He now even has a source of moon shine.


sddonlon said…
Sounds like a great place to learn. And a lot of fun to boot. I haven't found too much like that out here in Northern CA.
smartcat said…

Good pots; good company; good food; good drink! You hit the jackpot!
matt mihlik said…
The legend of Kelner lives on!!

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