Monday, January 26, 2015

Got my meat covered!

I'm home in The Promised Land sorting out banking, paying bills, buying groceries and enjoying the surroundings of my man cave. Actually, I'm only home for a day and then off to fire a Manibigama with some of the Hamilton Potters Mentor ship group. The past three times I've been at Ronnie's I have picked out one of these slab trays that no one but me seems to love. They have sat on a rack outside waiting for my visit.  I have all of my meat covered now- chicken, pork and fish. I haven't been eating much beef lately so until Ronnie animates a steer I guess I've mostly avoid it. He

gave me a drawing for my spare bedroom called The Rat's Nest which has a nice selection of Ronnie's work.
I love the narrative of the drawing. When Ron was teaching the Dean announced that all the faculty that got a pay raise were stars. He didn't get one! So the drawing is Ronnie the Rat under the stars.

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