The Candy Store

I am in Morgantown, West Virginia visiting my friend and former Sheridan student Andrew Kellner who is doing his MFA in Ceramics here. I am doing a workshop tomorrow so today I threw some pieces to assemble and Andrew gave me a tour of the production studio, the kiln site and the sculpture bin.
The facilities here are amazing. For a keener like Andrew this place has all the toys and all the bells and whistles. Hydraulic press, jigger and jolley, every wheel imaginable, 3D printers, deckal printers (pronounced deeeeeeeeeecal printers here), wood kilns, salt/soda kilns, car kilns, electric kilns, train kiln. The whole shebang.
Production facility is the domain of Robert Boomer Moore USU alum and it is neat as a pin. You could eat off the floors and every thing is in it's place. Boomer is faculty and  currently in charge of production . Shoji Satake is Head of Ceramics and has done a great job of putting this school on the map.
Much of the goings on in dept are financed by the production facility. They have a great line of production ware that is made and sold to finance school activities like having me here. Andrew has responsibilities at the production studio as well as teaching and a full load of academic and studio courses. He is working from 7:30am till near midnight each day. The former kid has found his candy store.


Anonymous said…
A HUGE THANKS Tony! Everyone enjoyed your visit to WVU/Morgantown!!! Safe travels back to the homeland! Boomer
john nickerson said…
I see no mention of Bob Anderson in the WVU blurb. Bob's the guy who pretty much built the program there and certainly deserves some recognition for it.

John Nickerson

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