All women are crazy!

I’m home from the Deep South and Duncan Aird  the other guy and me are firing the Hamilton Potter’s Manibigama in January in C eh N eh D eh with a crew of crazy Canuck women wood firers. ! How crazy or how macho is that?  It’s not cold enough here in Canada for me let’s stand outside for a couple of days and nights and see what it’s like to be sleep deprived and half frozen.
Whenever I come back from a trip someone invariably asks what did you learn or how did your work change?
Well I’ll share this bit of knowledge given by mental health councilor Doc Rick Agel
- All women are crazy! How much crazy can you handle?  After this post Doc will have to go in to hiding.  Well there is no doubt these women are crazy but I’ve been hanging with woman potters all my life so I guess I know no better!  Actually there are no better!!!


Anne D said…
my FIL (in the UK) says there is no bad weather just bad choices of clothing... I think if he spent the winter here he'd change his tune a little, but hey, I think we need to be a little bit crazy... not sure why but IMO life would be dull as dish-water if we weren't a little ....

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