Gone, gone, gone

First of all let me thank y'all for voting my blog the #2 ceramics blog. I don't know how the voting gets done or how it happened but here's a hearth felt thank you to those that read my nonsense and voted for it.
I'm off in the morning for my long trek south to Ronnie the Rat's to fire the Ratagama. I hope my trusty 2001 Honda CRV keeps me on the straight and narrow. If my Health Care was America friendly and I could afford a place I'd love to live in Georgia. I love the people and there seems to be just a bit of red neck in me. Ronnie and Hester are the best of hosts. We land in their home and there is a kitchen full of potters that eat, sleep, drink and talk pots for the duration of the firing. With loading, firing and cooling it is the better part of a full week to 10 days. I never feel like they want us to leave although I'm sure they are glad when we do.
Ronnie is an inspiration to me. He is making the best work of his life and to be still stepping up to a wood kiln for a knock down drag em out work out is totally manning up!


Lee Love said…
Probably, Minnesota Care is more "friendly" than Georga Care. ;) And we have a constitutional amendment that creates a sales tax that supports the arts.

North and South are like two different countries Tony.
Chandler said…
Congrats on the blog thingy T. So great you will be getting out of the winter and be with friends around a wood firing in sunny Georgia. Try One of those huge almost fake looking peaches ..we got one from a road side stand...it was amazing! Deep pinky orange inside with a texture like the best mango only better! Have fun: -25 here this am.
smartcat said…
Congratulations! Your blog is one of my go-tos! Enjoy the firing, hope you don't get hit by THE POLAR VORTEX! Or as we here in the north call it, winter!
Dennis Allen said…
I think " Georgia Care " puts the sick and elderly on a small island in the swamp. Modeled after the successful " Eskimos on icebergs " project.
Sherri said…
Congrats, Tony! I really love to read your ramblin's...Happy 2015!

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