Coke- the other drug!

Well it's show time at Callonwolde here in Atlanta. The workshop is at one of the mansions of the family that owns Coca- Cola.  Atlanta is the world headquarters of Coca-Cola. The original formula for Coke included what else but Coke.
Looks like we have a packed house and I will be seeing some old friends. Glenn Dair did a great job of getting the word out that the devil went down to Georgia.  The gang of us will be going out for Thai food tonight and then BB-Q tammarah night. Tammarah is how they pronounce tomorrow down here in the Deep South.  I went back to Athens to see the unload of the Ratagama with Ronnie and friends. Looks like it was a great firing. I have some really killer yunomi's to send to AKAR in Iowa. It'll be a week or so before I'm home to do any photography.


Debbie said…
If you've ever read Conroy's Prince of Tides, the word Callonwolde has a real ominous feeling to it. But those are some beautiful pots and I'm looking forward to individual pics of some of them.

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