Pleased to give a shout out to the potters of Sarnia in south western Ontario for planning to bring in Eric Botbyl for a two day workshop. Eric is from moonshine country Tennessee so I hope he's BYOB. I can tell ya Sarnia has a great brew pub. Stef brought me a nice selection of IPA's at Christmas but bourbon there is no supply of in these parts.
I like Eric's pots a lot. He's got the articulation, the gesture, the gnar gnar and great handles going' on. Even the funny southern accent will be worth the price of admission, eh!
When I was juror for The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia it was Eric's teapot that was a close runner up to the winning teapot of Joan Ulrich. They both had it going on. Eric's would have been predictable as a choice of mine. A man just can't be thought of as predictable. Joan's perhaps not but it was just so thoughtfully and beautifully crafted. The pots I remember so well from that show were Eric's, Joan's, the jug I bought of Matt Schiemann's and a teapot by
Duncan Aird. I still think a teapot is good judge of a fine potter. Ya gotta make a good cup too!


smartcat said…
Too far to attend! Toes crossed that there will be lots of photos!

Don't get me started on teapots!

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