It beats robbin the liquor store!

I have a whole line up of those easy money trays in carbon trap shino with red, blue and yeller accents.  They sell well and they are a pretty nice gift to give. I like decorating them and I must admit they have been coming out of the kiln pretty nicely.  Hey, it beats robbin' the liquor store!
Today was my first attempt with the light set up Frans made for me. I screwed up the colour balance on today’s shots but like all things in this bizz it’s a learning curve. I like the colour best when I use Preview on my Mac to make them black and white.

I felt like I’ve been taking one step forward and two back this week with all kinds of starts on new projects. My uncle Jim used to say throwing represented about 10% of the time a potter spends in the pottery. I made 12 cups today. I should be embarrassed to tell ya.  They used to say life was like photography. You have to have negatives to develop. Digital photography is so much

easier.  How come life isn’t?


Sandy Ellis said…
Loving your posts, Tony. I attended your wonderful lecture at Shadbolt last September.
Ron said…
Nice to see some finished pots. I like the color w the shino.
Linda Starr said…
the photos look great with your new set up
Holly G said…
teapot looks great.

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