Hamburger budget

I'm redoing my kitchen. I went out this aft to pick out chalk paint for my kitchen cupboards after spending the morning making those slab trays to pay the bills. I going to paint the cupboards gray and then put a coat of antique white over top and rub the edges to reveal the gray.  I was thinking I'd love to get a cement counter or maybe granite but I got filet mignon taste and a hamburger budget. I had helped make some tiles and made a extrusion die for some counter edging for my Amish friend Franz. His wife is a bit of a neat freak and didn't like the wood fired surfaces of the tiles in the wood kiln. I went to see Franz and got the tiles back. I am going to tile my counter with these tiles. I might contact my friend Mary Philpott to add a few colourful diddies to the bunch. I love her crows!! Maybe a rabbit too since that is what I am. A rabbit that loves making his warren his home.


Anonymous said…
Had tiles on the countertop in a previous house... you might want to just do the back splash... the grout lines are nasty to keep clean (stain) especially if you make pastry or pasta from scratch. Just giving a heads up :)

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