The Richest Man in the Room

Hey Vicki I didn’t want ya to cry for me . I wasn’t singing the blues in my last post. I’m the richest man in the room.  I made a lifestyle choice some 27 years ago when I quit high school teaching. I loved the kids and I loved teaching. I just loved making pots more! I also don’t take orders very well so working for me was and is the best possible life for me. My boss is a real prick though.
With self employment in theory you can take the day off and go fishing if the fish are biting. In theory you can lie down and have a nap this afternoon if you feel tired. In theory you can tuck away a bit of cash money that seemed to find it’s way into your life. In theory you will salt away some money for a comfy retirement.
 In reality you will probably give up your fishing hobby cause you need to work throughout the weekend. Weekend did I say weekend? When does the week end, anyways? In reality if you have that wee nap this aft you will have to work into the night.  That bit of cash that found its’way into your pocket seemed to find a quicker way out when you discovered a rust hole in your oil pan. In reality, the pension is you and your work. What would you do anyways???? Retire from making pottery so that you could make more pottery.
It’s Saturday and my favourite working day. I have to run around and visit the Amish to pick up some grub, clean my studio and tonight I make pots to Saturday Night Blues and Vinyl Tap. I usually make my best pots on this day.

So no tears for me Vicki H. I’ll get a nice bottle of organic red wine and pretend you’re visiting from Washington and Ron Philbeck is coming over too from NC. You never know who else might drop in. This is more than a house. It’s my home and all are welcome! Always a some food, drink and a spare room or two.  We’ll listen to the tunes and celebrate how rich we are. The poorest man is the man with no friends. I'm the richest man in this house.


Unknown said…
Yep, a few fb posts tonight about "did you buy a powerball" Nope, cause I've a already got all I would hope for.
smartcat said…
Good post! Like the photo at the end!
Ron said…
Thanks for the invite. :) Would love to make it up there sometime.
scott cooper said…
There's a line in a song that goes: "Funny thing about the weekends when you're unemployed -- somehow they don't mean quite so much!" But I like to hear it as "self-employed". It fits!

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