Cussin’, The Lord and Slab Trays

I have the answer to skyrocketing my blog to #1 for 2016. I have found through tracking the posts on my blog that there is an unusually high readership when I mention The Lord, I cuss a bit or I touch on the making of slab trays. Normally a day in my blog world registers somewhere between 250-300 readers per post.  Mention the slab tray and the numbers go past the 4 digit mark. If I were to cuss The Lord can you imagine the response??? I would probably go viral or at the very least be threatened with death by bugga bugga. I get The Lord. I get the cussin’! I am dumb founded by people’s sensitivity to their slab trays. I think it is general insecurity with one’s abilities. The greater the artist the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize. -Robert Hughes


Ron said…
I agree that in my first 10 years as a potter I was much more fearless than I am now. Well in some ways. I certainly didn't know a lot so I didn't know what would work or wouldn't so I just did it! I operated on the Ignorance is Bliss method for quite a while as I was learning to raw glaze, single fire, and make all sorts of pots.
Now I'm worrying about my damn slabs warping! What a wimp. I also will admit that I have been avoiding making large bowls because of some cracking issues I've been having. Stupid cracking, fracking, clay body problem! "Don't make them and they won't crack"! Stupid logic.

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