I’m supposed to ship down 25-30 pots for the North Carolina Potters Conference. This is a bit like sending coal to Newcastle. I know my friend,  USU alum and fellow presenter Sunshine Cobb will clean up with her Garth Clark endorsed garlic dishes. Those West coasters eat garlic, humus, tofu, pesto, baba ganouse and all kinds of icky slimmy stuff that gives ya bad breath. North Carolinians are my kind. They like their bacon and BBQ chased with a good top shelf bourbon.  That’s what I’m counting on. I love making these “WTF’s”.  When someone asks WTF are they? I say they are bacon holders. If they get that it is a bit of a joke we both laugh. If they have no sense of humour they usually walk away shaking their heads muttering WTF, WTF, WTF!!!  I’ve only ever sold one since I started making them. I sold one to a young undergraduate couple from Alfred U at the Rochester Potter’s Invitational. She was delighted and giddy with the purchase. He was not convinced but she wasn’t asking permission. My kind of woman! Funny how you remember the sales that please you. The ones that make you happy you make what you make..
 I’m not making pots for people that shop at The Pottery Barn. I’m making pots for a barn full of potters. Like they say in baseball- “Ya can shit the fans but ya can’t shit the players!’

Godfrey from U of Alaska our third presenter could just ship down a bunch of ice from an iceberg for our bourbon and he’ll clean up. Those bird critters of his are pretty sweet too.
All registrants get an invite to Dwight Holland’s pottery collection of I am told upwards near 3000 pots.  I love small quaint collections of fine pots! A friend told me I have a jug in the collection.
I can smell the BBQ from here!


Dennis Allen said…
Good idea. Fairly compact, easy to ship but they have Tony written all over them.
Tracey Broome said…
You need to head to Goldsboro or Lexington to get the best barbecue NC can offer. Can't say Asheboro has much to offer. There is Stamey's in Greensboro, not too far away.
What Tracey said... no good barbecue in Asheboro. The closest good barbecue is in Seagrove, at my house... Jeff Brown is the chef who presides over the backyard smoker.
Ron said…
I will attest to the goodness of Jeff Brown's bbq. Can't wait to see and handle your pots at the Conference. Yes, Dwight's is amazing.
It's all in the sauce...and 12 hours in the Smoakagama.
See ya when you here...tell Hue Douglas Murray I said hello ...if he's still around.

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