Bump and dent sale.

I am a big sucker for my weekly horoscope. This weeks read that in 2020 I will be freer than at any time in my life. No one will be telling me what I should or should not do. 
I've been surrounded by, using and looking at a lot of fabulous functional pots pretty well all my life and lately more than ever here in Seagrove, NC. 
I made 10 bowls and stared at the smooth curve of the inside of the bowl. Should I mess it up with my signature whoopee? How does a cook feel about that whoopee that will fill in with tomato sauce or split pea soup  and be hard to clean? Should I be mindful of the bowls use? I defaulted to my past irreverence of the use of the bowl.  I felt a bit guilty at my failure to repay the debt I owe my Uncle Jimmie and the many wonderful makers of domestic ware that work in the  "form follows function" model. I didn't feel guilty for too long. Shortly thereafter I put 4 bumps in the back of the bowl. I love how glaze breaks on the inside of the bowl on the bumps and the whoopee. 
I have time now to think about how I ended up being a potter, a teacher and being here in NC. Now the big quandary is where exactly I want and need to go in 2020.
Read an interesting statement by John Baldessari today:
When I think I'm teaching, I'm probably not. When I don't think I'm teaching, I probably am," said John. 
I looked at my blog stats yesterday to see that there were over 2700 reads of my blog "The Sandman". I never think of the writings in this blog as teaching. Maybe like John these ramblings are some of my teaching. Dunno!
I am celebrating my uniqueness. It is part of the equation of how, why and what I am doing in Seagrove/Star.
Bump and dent sale


whoopee and bumps


smartcat said…
Bumps and dents, very cool indeed!
They almost make me want to make bowls again. Even though they were painted to the max (Majolica) mine just were so bowly and samey.
We’ll see,grasshopper...we’ll see...........
smartcat said…
P.S. There you go again! Inadvertent teaching!
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Anonymous said…
Do what you want to do!

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