Raving about Craven

Raves usually take place in dark rooms filled with laser lights, strobes and DJ's
  I'm sitting here playing DJ  at Starworks amongst tons of clay about to rave about last night with Donna Craven at the home of Jennie Lorette Keatts. Jennie's home is a shrine to the wood fired work of North Carolina. There are hundreds if not thousands of pots from so many in this state. To name a few Hewitt, Johnston, Johnson, Stuempfle, Matisse, Sand, Jones,  Hitomi and Takuro, Brown, all the Jugtown clan- Vernon, Pam, Bayle and Travis. Many others!!!
That's the wood fired and then there are the cupboards and sideboards full of other potters not working in wood firing.
The big power pieces of which there are dozens is the work of Donna Craven.
Donna Craven works alone without technology, lasers, and strobes. There might be a cold beer after a long hard day of making, moving and firing her signature wood fired salt glazed  BIGWARE.
Donna Craven seems to be a cult figure around these parts. JLK is a member of that cult and I am a new inductee.
Clay Giant

Mutual Admiration Society- Donna and Jennie


Cult status seems to give an artist a small but very passionate fanbase. It was first thru Dan Finnegan and then JLK that I became aware of Donna Craven. Donna's fanbase seems to be the respect of the members of the NC pottery community She doesn't just rely on the the amazing volume of her forms but goes the extra distance with beautiful decoration and mark making. She is a damn fine handle maker too which moves her to the top of the class in my school.
I had been wanting to spend some time with Donna for sometime. It came together last night thanks to JLK. I got invited to her next firing. Can't wait we have lots more to talk about.
 Donna doesn't seek attention but deserves it!
Love her and her work.

Side fired bottles heavy salt

Opps must be my conversation put Donna to sleep


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