The Universe is Guilty

The Universe is guilty and the blame is on me- Chris Smithers. Been thinking about home today. I went over for coffee this morning at Bulldog Pottery to see Bruce, Samantha, Ed and Gloria. Samantha did not disappoint in the shower curtains as clothing dept. .
When I was here two years ago I had a plan. I planned to buy the barber shop across from Starworks, set up my pottery and call it "Tony's Clip Joint". I don't know whether the stars aligned, the devil made me do it or it was all in the plans of The Universe but here I am in The Capital of Pottery- Seagrove, North Carolina. There is all this clay and so little time.
So much clay, so little time

Change is usually just the spare money in your pocket that you throw in a jar cause ya think you'll not need it today. Change in life is a whole different thing. If I were to make a change I think Seagrove would be the easiest of all places for me to land. They say home is where the heart is and this place sure feels like home to me. So many friendships made in such a short duration of time. We all have this one thing in common- clay. I think potters are amongst the best to hang with.
My friend Heather Smit arrives this Saturday for a month long residency here. Then a week later Jen Drysdale arrives. It will be nice to see my Canadian friends and introduce them to the community I'm calling home till April then I return again for the wood fire conference in May. So much clay so little time.
Vases or vazes?

I'm feeling holy lately

Texan long horn steak platter

Lip rings


susan weaver said…
So much to look at, you became my choice when I saw that the Universe is Guilty. I love your play on words and clay !
Anonymous said…
Run wild, run free!
Anonymous said…
Gonna swim in that bigger pond, known as the U.S. of A.

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