Tallies, Fatties, Skinnies, Roundies, Shorties but no Dinkies

There must be something in my genes. I have an old picture of the first craft show my Uncle Jimmie and Aunt Cavvy at the London Fair(London,Ontario) in around 1947. Their display consisted of 1000 jugs. My aunt was really the jug maker and even made little dinkie jugs that had a leather thong thru the handle to hang around your neck. Today I finished off my shorties and started the bottom section of the roundies which are referenced after the Devon Harvest Jug. If you like to look at historical work there is no better book for the money than Emmanuel Cooper's Ten Thousand Years of Pottery. The shorties are small one piece jugs with a spout that is made by holding the rim between your thumb and forefinger and giving a quick pull forward with the index finger. I have seen this kind of lip on Italian majolica wine jugs. I like the quickness of this process.


Taylor said…
You're still one of my heros, T, despite all the empty jugs lying about.
Taylor said…
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klineola said…
I agree on that Cooper book, it's one of my faves!

Those tiny spouts are really nice on those jugs!

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