Tony's new pony

We're having a wood firing next week at the college so I made a couple of jugs to get in the firing. This textured work has been a hard pony to straddle for me. Customers are still in love with the carbon trap shino with paper resist and slips. I'm hoping that a killer wood fired shino will make these puppies sing. The ash celedon that we like so much on the textured work is not the flavour of the month. It takes time to get used to a new horse.
P.S I can't figure out how to add the pics of the jugs with this new computer. Have to wait till the IT person gets home from a day in the city.


gz said…
Beautiful glaze and lovely pots.
I like the chunky teapot handle-that shouldn't slip in the hand- probably looks and feels safer and more comfortable
bfreeceramics said…
your people want the shino over that ash glaze? wow. what's wrong with those guys??? hahaha..

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