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We are finding with this abstract expressionist work that you can take it out of the kiln and think it needs more surface information. So back in the kiln it goes. The green Oribe glaze was added as another surface treatment. We are 6 weeks away from our studio tour and the work seems to be slow coming. It is a BIG change to make each piece individual and that takes time. 
Thank you everyone for your encouragement.


Bonnie Hotz said…
You don't know me, but, I threw and hand painted cone 10 porcelain for many years and now I'm into glazing! Testing glazes, how they interact with each other and my clay etc. Handpainting gets easier and faster... in time. I think your handpainted work is Beautiful. It looks free and spontaneous - I love that. I love the interplay of the colors, shapes and negative spaces.
Alex Solla said…
Are you photographing these yourself Tony or do you have someone doing them for you?
Joe Troncale said…
Really nice colors!
Keep making those!
Ron said…
I really like these Tony. It is nice that you can do more work and re-fire. I think this work is fun and very contemporary.
Dandelion Hair said…
Just got into your Blog to see your new eware, Tony. You and Sheila are on your way to the jackpot with your new look, very cool. That's it, Pollack and Kadinsky with a little bit of circus thrown in. Applause for the linear brushwork!

Great new business card too!

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