Confirmation of my good taste

I picked a Joan Ulrich teapot as Best in Show at the Tableware Show at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia back in the spring. Of course you walk away wondering if you hit the mark. There were some awesome pots. I wavered between Eric Botyl and Mathew Schieman. Anyone of these potters would be welcome on my mantle piece. So it was somewhat of a relief to see that Joan got second place in the highly acclaimed Best Functional Show. Congrats, Joan you got a look about you that is working. I wish I could remember my juror's comments on that night but in a nutshell it was about attention to detail. Every single part of Joan's teapot was considered and a delight to look at. Here are some of Joan's pots.


Unknown said…
Her work is superb. You hit the mark squarely with your comments Tony. She makes thoughtful work that is attentive to not only design but craftsmanship as well. She is a real knockout artist.
Anonymous said…
You can see her 2nd place award for the 22nd Strictly Functional Pottery National teapot here (Juror, Christa Assad)
And she's a gem of a person as well!
Joanne Cassaro

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