Playing dead

Ok I have been severely chastised by my loyal readers of this silly nonsense that amounts to being my life for yanking your chain. It is interesting though to see the number of readers skyrocket when they think I am nuts, sick or dead. Most know I am nuts but always enjoy seeing me fess up to it. Gee, thanx guys! Here are a few pics to show you why my trusty Mac ended up in the emerg at Mac General Hospital. They say that dust is the enemy of technology and my computer lives in the mud pits. Here it is visiting some of the third year Sheridan students on my one day crit with them. The computer is sporting the Hiut Denim label and Fat Matts BBQ and Blues club where I hope to revisit this Jan when spending some time with my Atlanta friends. I'm doing a workshop in Atlanta and helping Ronnie the Rat fire the Ratagama.

Looking forward to seeing my buddy Doc Agel over some bone marrow and sweet potato fries. Yes, he is my health professional from whom I garner all my good physical and mental health advice. Gee, maybe I am nuts!


Dennis Allen said…
I thought you might get a bump in readership. A catchy title always helps.
Vicki Hamilton said…
Ya didn't fool me for even a second! So there!

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