Pretty nasty

Got my ladies coming tomorrow to get the big bourry box loaded and then we fire Friday and Saturday with all that walnut. I spent 2 days glazing and decorating. I've put some pretty marks on some nasty pots. I'm calling them marks and not brush work in honour of Andrew Kellner who will be missing this firing as he studies in Jingdezhen. He told me I had to make 20,000 marks before I would be any good. Ah it doesn't take the students too long to get sassy. Hey, he has been sassy since day #1. I guess that's why the student teacher relationship became a long term friendship. I like people that speak their mind. Amber Zuber is coming tomorrow and she is the female version of Andrew. Very perceptive and she calls what she sees. I think the world needs more people that have back bone. Wishing you were here Andrew. Have a bowl of noodles and a bing p
ijui for me will ya?


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