Finding my footing

Life has been a bit of a turmoil of late and I think these vases suggest that. The tops of the vases are probably referencing the state of my brain. I just arrived home last night from seems like a month at Sheridan. My term there is now over and as I look around my house it is not the way I like it. I am a bit of a neat freak when it comes to my living space. I need to spend some time on me and my house but that is going to have to wait as I move next week and I have a wood firing in the big bourry box with some of my favourite women. I'm rolling the dice with this firing as it will be all walnut and it's all the pots I need for my first show in years. I wake now before 6am with my mind racing of things to get down. Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead.
These vases are glazed with 70% local clay and 30% whiting and salted. I like easy glazes especially when my mind is so full of stuff n one

should need to know.


Annied01 said…
Might be an easy glaze but still gives gorgeous results! Nothing wrong with easy ... It was drilled into me By watching the Brad Sondhal videos years ago that for an easy time of it, control and limit the variables, 5 glazes max... 2 ingredients is even easier!
Ron said…
Take care Tony. Hope you get it all sorted out. Good luck w. the firing.
Vicki Hamilton said…
There's a slip under that glaze, right? I love the visible brush strokes!

It's interesting the notion that our work reflects the state of our being at any given time. Of course it does! Sometimes the exploding brain makes for some amazing pots! I'm finding that out myself lately.
Sheri Bare said…
I'm in love....these pots got fabulous.

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