Pink Mohair Hat

Well it was moving day yesterday and today and I was sure that the first item into my new home was my Uncle Jimmie's pink mohair hat. When he died the family asked me what I wanted and the pink hat was to be mine. I covet it like the Holy Grail. Hell, I've even secretly talked to it and asked for advice about this crazy mudslinging life of mine.
The people I bought the house from were kind enough to leave me their dad's tools. You can tell a lot about a man by his tools. His work bench is nicely organized with all sorts of tools, screws and here is the tell tale item for me. There wasn't a Philips screw or screwdriver to be found. No sure he had only the Canadian invented screwdriver The Roberts which is by far the most superior screwdriver. The Philips is forever stripping and in general is a pain the arse. The old man of this house knew his screws. Gotta love a man that knows his screws.


Anonymous said…
Clearly wasn't nuts, was he? :>)
Anonymous said…
Nailed that one!
Dennis Allen said…
At least when people tell you to go screw yourself you are prepared to do a proper job of it ! Be well.

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