Emma gets nasty!

Well the walnut firing was a war! We fought to keep the firebox clean as the dang wood kept coaling up. We did everything under creation to keep the kiln from reducing. We had the woof, woof, woof  from the primaries almost throughout the firing. We struggled to get Cone 10 down after 36 butt scratching hours. Lucky for me I had a team of damn fine women to back me up. I wasn't sure we had got quite hot enough but upon opening it is the best firing we have had in 7 firings of the big bourry box. That walnut ash is the most beautiful soft yellow/gray you can imagine. Everyone in the group had a couple of real killers. Here is the team Emma Smith, Jen Drysdale, Unha Yi Hill and Amber Zuber. Unha is always eating so she has pastrami hanging out of her mouth- very attractive!!! Here are some of her paper clay/fiber tiles that were leaning against the back wall. Emma is starting a mountain range so she had some in the firebox, some on the bagwall and some back chamber- all are stellar! Congrats ladies- bon feu!


DropStitchChris said…
Hahaha…look at Maggie/Roxy wanting some of that pastrami!! Congrats on the great outcome!!
June Perry said…
We women definitely have stamina. Congratulations on a great firing. Please post some photos of those racers.
Anonymous said…
nice Jen ( and everyone) I am looking ofrward to seeing those racers of yours up here in the valley when you get back

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