On the move!

It all hit me like a ton of bricks but I'm moving again. I hope this is my final resting place. Building up 3 studios in 24 years is more than any one potter has any right to try to do. I'm back full circle where I began at my uncle and aunts pottery. I bought a wee house a mile from work and I finally feel settled. I'm in the small town of Aylmer and I love it. People say hello and even talk to you. 

As most of my royal readers could read between the lines I am solo. My plan is to turn my house into a home where all friends are welcome to eat, drink, talk pots and stay over. I have always maintained that it takes a friend to have friends and I plan to live up to that. It starts next week when Amber, Jen, Emma and Amy? are staying at my place to fire the wood kiln. As shifts change we will be like ships passing in the night but we will celebrate with a feast when the beast is slain and we can rest. It sure feels good being me.


Dennis Allen said…
Best of luck on this next leg of your journey. Be well. Be happy.
Lucky ducks! Hope the firing is terrific ... wish I was there!
Sandy Miller said…
It was a surprise to read but you sound content. This life of a potter ........ Turns out there's more than one beast to slay.
Good clay, dry wood and hot kilns to ya!
Tracey Broome said…
Sounds more like you are setting up a harem, Tony, haha!
Best of luck, moving is tough enough,but moving a pottery studio.... Ugh!
Colette said…
Those are some solid gals you git there. Much luck for the future Mr. C.
Unknown said…
Nice to hear about your next great adventure. I'm sure you'll keep us posted.
Ann Kenworthy said…
In sailing, it's called hot-bunking. One person gets up for her shift, and another drops exhausted into a warm bunk for a few hours of shut-eye.

Good sailing to you all!

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