Died and gone to heaven

Grass always made a point of in January and February when the snow was blowing in glorious Ontario of reminding me that he lived in heaven and I didn’t.  What I didn’t know about his heaven that he was holding out on is that Victoria has a Bacon Bar. I was lured in by the chocolate covered bacon with Smarties and Gummy Bears but then noticed the gourmet bacon. I chose bourbon infused, Cajun, French toast and I was so excited I couldn’t remember the other one I chose.
Now the problem was to be able to cook this Breakfast of Champions sent to me from the Gods in a Kosher kitchen. According to Judi bacon had not ever entered the Pearly Gates of Chosin Pottery. Finally, after much arm twisting on my part I was able to fry my bacon if I cooked it myself and did the dishes. That as we all know is just another one of a man’s many jobs in the Job Jar of Life Maintenance.
Hands down the bourbon infused was my favourite.

Here I thought the Wet Coast would be a seafood haven and it turns out I have some ideas for Uncle Donny to capture the growing number of vegetarians that have fallen off the wagon for gourmet bacon. I was presented with this t-shirt by Molly at the Shadbolt Centre. Word of my crusade to bring bacon to the ill informed is spreading quickly. Now, if I can just find a good BBQ smoke shack and some good slaw I’d give this joint a 5 star rating.   


Penny said…
If you ever find yourself even close to East Tennessee try to visit Benton's in Madisonville, TN (about 38 miles south of Knoxville. This is a local guy who just started smoking his own bacon and hams a while back and the rest is history. He ships internationally.


Jeff Brett said…
Where is this Bacon Bar? I will be in Vic in a few weeks
smokieclennell said…
Jeff: If you at at NIC Judi says hi. The Bacon Bar is at The Market on Millstream. Yummy,yummy, yummy! t
John Bauman said…
Gilding the lily if ever was. Bacon is already "gourmet". It needs help like Usain Bolt needs help across the finish line.

I like my bacon naked.
Jeff Brett said…
Thanks Tony. I'm gonna have to check that out
Please say hi back to Judi.

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