Sleeping Around

I made my own bed this morning for the last time for over a month. I folded over my trusty Hudson’s Bay blanket and said see ya later to the two Clyde Jones snakes with the buckhorn nut eyes that protect me from evil women during my beauty rests.
I had to finish up these bowls this morning before packing my bags for a month in Paradise. I trimmed them and added the thrown foot. What do you say about a man with big feet………… big shoes? I like putting a pedestal foot on these bowls as it makes them look more elegant and of course less functional. They are now a center piece on the table instead of stacked in a cupboard somewhere. Here you thought I was just a cute face. 

Mountains don’t have ribbon handles you say. Mine do! Let’s just say I’m bringing a bit of city bling bling to the mountain folk. I sure hope I don’t hear banjos.
By the end of the month I will wake up during the night and be wondering where I am sleeping.. My bathroom at home is directly across the hall from my bedroom otherwise known as The Unemployment Office so I hope I don’t get up in the middle of the night somewhere and have a pee in someone’s closet.  I can see workshop invitations just pouring in after this post.
I have had potters tell me they would like to do what I do- travel, meet all kinds of other artists, go out for dinners, potlucks and all kinds of frivolity. Maybe I’d like to do what you do. Stay at home with Jack and the gang, enjoy my own bed, see my day lilies bloom, train my clematis to cloth the Fran tree, go to Clarke’s for my heart attack on a plate Sunday morning and spark up my Husqvarna man machines to keep The Cactus Lounge looking tickady boo.

I love sleeping around. It allows me to come home and appreciate what I have here in my Paradise. Paradise is your home no matter where it is.


Anonymous said…
Amen Tony, I love working in anonymity in my studio, happily churning out pots that are sold exclusively on my website. I love traveling but have happily chosen to not go the teaching/workshop route. Speaking of, we need to get you out west to Oregon for a workshop or two!
gz said…
putting a foot on that bowl gives it life!

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