Tight as a Cat’s Arse

Cat’s ass is an old expression meaning beautifully done. I think it stems from the way a cat looks after the cleanliness of it’s hind quarters. Where tight as a cat’s ass came from I can only imagine. They do walk around displaying it for all to see.  I’m almost sure I didn’t make it up.
The jug form is the only pot I can not think of a way to throw loosely. Many won't believe it but I am capable of throwing as tight as a cat's ass.

 I walked by these jugs this morning and thought perhaps I should bash them with a hockey stick. That would loosen them up and make them even more Canadian. I can’t even think of a potter that does a loose jug unless of course he was a Medieval pot maker throwing one of those gorgeous vessels that a wench would pour his grog from. Oh the good old days. The 21st century ain’t so shit hot. Where the hell is the flying car I dreamed of as a kid? The only wench I got around here is the newly arrived Andrew and he just hands me a can of beer.
I wasn’t going to fill in the crouch of the handle because I have had some trouble with cracking there. Then I downloaded this amazing medieval jug and looked at the handle and the subtle thumb job on the foot. Killler! I am reminded of my Dad saying “it is what you do when you don’t have to that really matters!” Too many sitting on my shoulder looking over my work for me to sluff off.

Then because of my Protestant work ethic I thought I better make some bowls before packing for BC. I might even mow the lawn and trim the hedge- anything to not get organized.  These are three piece bowls and what is interesting to me at least is how the landscape of BC crept into the pots. The undulated rim and the waving up and down of the rib to create a mountainous and hilly landscape. Here were I live in sandy flat tobacco country I get all excited when I am driving along and dip down into a gully. I love the gullies and so do the deer. You have to keep a look out for them or your fender could become undulated.


gz said…
nice work..good jugs and those undulating bowls...very interesting indeed

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