The Pilgrimage

The Pilgrimage
The Brits go to St. Ives and me as a Canuck headed to Chosin’ Pottery home and studio of Robin “Grass” Hopper and Judi Dyelle for the past 35 years. Behind every good man is a surprised woman.

It wasn’t until Judi took to me to the Robin’s studio that the lump in my throat was felt. I was Ok in the shrine of over a thousand beautiful collectible pots, the bookcase after bookcase of books on art, the collected objects from around the world and  the magical garden.  It was the dampness of the studio that reminded me of his passing. Everywhere around me was alive and in full display. It was the studio with all the unused clay, the inventory of ceramic supplies, the hump and slump molds used for production, the unfired bisque, the vacant wheel and the unlit wood stove that finally found its way to my tear ducts. Where has the 40 years gone since I as a young student attended a farewell party for Robin when he left Ontario for BC?
I am taken aback at how hard this iconic pottery couple worked. The house, the garden, the publishing, the workshops and the thousands upon thousands of pots made and sold. What is even more amazing is the diversity of the work- English, Islamic, Japanese, Greek, south west American and almost every culture is represented somewhere.

These are big shoes for most of us mortals. I found this tree hugger out in the woods that is healing through her art. Judi over 50 years ago started her apprenticeship with Shimoaka and she is still making the world a more beautiful place with her pots.  The flame is still alive and burning brightly at Chosin’ Pottery. Behind every good man is a surprised woman. Good pots to you, Judi!


Sandy Ellis said…
Thank You for your heartfelt words, Tony. RIP Robin
Holly G said…
I love Judi's work--thought she took a back seat to Robin.

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